End the billion-dollar handout to big polluters

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Every year, Canada hands out $1.4 billion dollars to big fossil fuel companies, a gross mismanagement of our public funds. 1

In 2009, Prime Minister Harper promised to put a stop to the waste. Yet, instead of cutting the subsidies as promised, the government is now slashing the services Canadians depend on. 2 3

Right now we have a unique opportunity. A motion drafted by youth-led climate justice movement PowerShift is about to be brought before Parliament that could end these handouts for good, but only if enough of us pressure our MPs to vote for it. 4 It’s time for the government to keep its promise and stop giving out a massive bonus to rich oil companies that don’t need it. Let’s stand with PowerShift, and send a strong message to our MPs that we want them to support the motion and stop the handouts.


  1. Resources on Canada’s billion-dollar handouts to big fossil fuel companies (Climate Action Network):
  2. All talk, no summit action on the end to fossil-fuel subsidies (Globe and Mail)
  3. Full text of the G20 Pitsburg Declaration, where Prime Minister Harper committed to phase out fossil fuel subsidies (pdf):
  4. More information about the PowerShift Motion:
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