Make the Liberals Electoral Reform Survey Transparent

Last night news broke that the Liberals are rolling out another consultation process on voting reform.[1]

In early December, people will receive cards in the mail that will direct them to fill out an online survey about voting reform before December 31st.

This process could be a way to avoid a referendum and give the Liberals the ‘broad support’ they need to implement electoral reform. The survey will impact their final decision, but we don’t know much about how it will be designed, how our input will be used, or whether the results will definitely be made public.

The Liberals are asking us to participate in this process and trust that they will listen to our input and act on it. That’s why we need to be sure it is fairly designed and transparent. The survey launches at the end of the month, so we need to work together fast to make sure this process is fair.

Will you send a message to Maryam Monsef and Justin Trudeau asking the government to have an open and transparent electoral reform survey process? Use the form to the right to send your message now.

Here’s what we are asking the government: 

  • Release the questions and design of the survey to the public before the mailers go out

  • Release the raw results of the survey to the public within a month of the survey closing

  • Include a question that explicitly asks people about which voting system they prefer

  • Ask people if they think the number of seats a party wins in Parliament should be proportional to the party’s popular vote

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