We have a chance to bring back ranked ballots

In less than 24 hours, Toronto city councillors will be debating a motion to fight to reinstate ranked ballots after Doug Ford unilaterally banned them.1

He snuck through legislation banning ranked ballots — a fairer, more democratic voting system — in an underhanded attempt to undermine democracy. But the City of Toronto has the power to push back: and they’re debating whether to fight for ranked ballots at city hall tomorrow. It could be our chance to help reinstate a fairer voting system and assert our right to choose our own path for Toronto.

City Councillors need to hear directly from us that we want them to fight for ranked ballots. If thousands of us send letters straight to the committee debating this motion for ranked ballots tomorrow, we can show them this is a priority for Torontonians and force them to vote in favour of reinstating ranked ballots.

But we have to act fast - Councillors need to see your letters on their desk before voting starts on Wednesday. Will you send a message now using our fast and easy tool?
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