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The Trans Mountain pipeline’s biggest insurer, Zurich, has promised to stop backing destructive tar sands projects — but under the radar, they’ve kept insuring Trans Mountain.1

Trans Mountain’s pipeline insurance is up for renewal in a few weeks — so we’re launching a massive campaign to call out Zurich’s hypocrisy and shine an international spotlight on their support for this destructive fossil fuel project in a climate emergency.

As we escalate our campaign with hard-hitting ads and a massive petition delivery to Zurich headquarters, thousands of emails to Zurich’s top executives could be the tipping point that convinces them to keep their climate commitments and reject the Trans Mountain pipeline.

But we don’t have much time before the deal is final. Send a message now.

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Mario Greco CEO
Saad Mered CEO Zurich Canada
Urban Angehrn CIO
Claudia Dill CEO Latin America
Alison Martin CEO EMEA
Jack Howell CEO Asia Pacific
Peter Giger CEO Chief Risk Officer
Kathleen Savio CEO North America
George Quinn CFO
Kristof Terryn COO
James Shea CEO Commercial Insurance
John Scott Head of Sustainability Risk
Francis Bouchard Head of Public affairs and sustainability
Linda Freiner Head of Sustainability
Johanna Koeb - Responsible Investment Analyst

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