Tell Minister of Defence Anita Anand: we condemn your $19B fighter jet purchase

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Yesterday, Canada closed a $19 billion deal to purchase 88 F-35 fighter jets from notorious weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin.1

We’ve spent the last year fighting for our government to spend what it takes to prop up our crumbling healthcare system, combat the climate crisis, and support the workers that carry our economy. But at every turn, our federal government has told us that the necessary solutions to the crises we face are simply “too expensive” to enact. 2,3

This $19 billion fighter jet deal tells a different story: that our government is willing to spend what it takes — but that an arsenal of fighter jets ranks higher in their list of priorities than we do.

If thousands of us add our voices to a petition condemning Trudeau and Anand’s $19 billion fighter jet purchase while it’s still making headlines, we could show them that they’re out of touch with the priorities of everyday Canadians. Will you sign the petition now?

Minister of Defence Anita Anand: we condemn your $19B fighter jet purchase

Stop investing in Canadian military; start investing in the essential public services all Canadians need.

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