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Wildfires are raging across the country, cities are choked by smoke and entire communities have been displaced.1,2,3 The climate crisis is at our doorstep.

Add your name to the open letter calling for an immediate halt on all fossil fuel expansion and massive investments in a clean, green, economy that leaves no one behind.

For every 500 signatures, we'll send a tweet to Prime Minister Trudeau to show him the growing demand for a Just Transition for all.
Here's the open letter:

To Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Wilkinson, and Minister O'Regan,

As you read this letter, wildfires are ravaging the country, smoke is choking cities and entire communities are being displaced. The climate crisis is happening right now. We're out of time for 'aggressive thoughts', and research. The solutions have been clear for decades now.

We’re calling on you to take action to:
  1. Immediately halt all fossil fuel expansion;
  2. Invest in a clean, green economy that includes training for oil and gas workers, and;
  3. Give frontline and Indigenous communities actual decision-making power over the transition.
Canada cannot claim to be a climate leader while fossil fuel expansion continues. We are the only G7 country whose emissions have gone up every year since we signed the Paris agreement. It's unacceptable, and we're facing the consequences now.

We urge you to finally take bold action at the scale the climate emergency requires. Future generations, and our planet depend on it.

Thousands of people across Canada

Add your name to the open letter

For every 500 signatures, we'll tweet at Prime Minister Trudeau to show him the growing support for urgent, bold, and ambitious climate action now.

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