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BREAKING: Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould just resigned from cabinet -- amid explosive allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) pressured her to meddle in a court case to help a billionaire corporation dodge a criminal trial.[1]

According to reporting in the Globe and Mail, she refused to cave into the PMO’s pressure -- and shortly after, she was shuffled from the prestigious Attorney-General post to another cabinet position, which she resigned from today. [2]

If it’s true that the PMO tried to pressure her -- and that’s still a big if --  it’s cause for alarm. Independent courts are part of the foundation of our democracy, and stories about political operatives meddling behind the scenes could dangerously erode the public’s trust in our institutions.

But the truth is that we simply don’t have enough information to determine what did or didn’t happen, and with our democracy on the line, we need to get to the bottom of it fast.

Tomorrow, members of the House of Commons Justice Committee will vote on whether to hold investigations where they could compel witnesses -- including PMO staffers -- to testify under oath. [3]

A committee investigation might be the only way to find out what really happened, but it won’t happen unless MPs on the committee vote for it. Will you sign the emergency petition calling on the MPs on the Justice Committee to vote for a full investigation tomorrow?

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Please vote for a full investigation to find out whether Prime Minister’s Office staff pressured the former Attorney-General to interfere in the criminal prosecution of SNC Lavalin

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