Kenney: Reverse your handouts to corporate billionaires

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This is outrageous. Premier Jason Kenney just gave a $4.5 billion tax break to rich corporations -- like his friends in the oil and gas industry.1

At the same time, he cut billions from vital services that families rely on, including education, healthcare, and support for seniors.2,3 Kenney is literally stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

If a massive groundswell of us sign a petition demanding Kenney to reverse the tax breaks, we can blow the lid on on his abuse of power -- and it could tip the balance and force him to backtrack on his tax breaks for big business. But to have impact, we have to make it massive. Will you sign the petition now?

Jason Kenney:

Reverse your handouts to corporate billionaires and restore funding to essential public services that Albertans need.

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