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Update: Anonymous government sources leaked to Bloomberg this week rumours that the federal government is getting ready to approve the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline. 1 This is most likely an attempt by government to reassure the oil patch it can get a pipeline built after the recent delays with the Energy East pipeline. This makes it even more crucial that we send in online comments today to make it clear we will not forgive or forget a pipeline approval.

This summer, the federal government’s Kinder Morgan review panel heard from hundreds of people at roundtables and town halls in BC. 90% of all people who spoke to the panel spoke against the Kinder Morgan pipeline — yet the panel Chair claims they heard many people “urged a quick and favourable decision” for this project. 2

She can say this because pro-pipeline industry groups, like the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, have been organizing lobbyists and oil workers to submit online comments by the thousands.

Of the 16,000+ comments submitted to the panel, we don’t know how many come from fossil fuel industry supporters and how many are from communities that stand to be affected. If we want to ensure our communities are fully represented in the online comments, we need to send comments from our community calling on the government to stop this pipeline.

Send a message to the Kinder Morgan review panel expressing your opposition to this pipeline.

A comment from one of us won’t make a difference, but a comment from thousands of us can really tip the scales. Let’s make our voices heard.

Send the Kinder Morgan review panel an online comment today!





  1. Trudeau Said to Plan Pipeline Approval, Favor Kinder Morgan 
  2. What’s missing from review of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion? 
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