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Last week, Doug Ford revealed the shocking news that his government is considering scrapping class size caps, and even full-day Kindergarten. [1] 

In just a few days, over 18,000 of you signed the petition calling on Ford’s government to reconsider, and after a huge public backlash, Education Minister Lisa Thompson went on the defensive, saying they were “only considering” scrapping class size caps, and that there would still be full-day “learning” (read: firing trained educators in favour of low-wage babysitters). [2]

The Minister’s comments tell us two things:
1. Our opposition was so strong that it forced them to backtrack, and 
2. They’re trying to placate the public into letting them get away with making massive education cuts that threaten the learning and safety of Ontario’s youngest students. 

We have an opportunity to force the Ford government’s hand. The truth about the PCs’ plans for primary school classes will be revealed in the upcoming budget announcement -- and budget consultations close tomorrow. 

We have just 24 hours to tell the PCs that we demand they put the needs of children first and keep enough funding for all currently employed teachers. 

Will you send in a message now? We’ve prewritten it for you, it only takes a few clicks to weigh into the budget consultation process. 

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