Sign now: I want to know if there are illegal growth hormones in my milk

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In a matter of months, you could be drinking milk containing an illegal growth hormone — and you wouldn’t even know it.

BGH is a hormone injected into cows to force them to produce unnatural quantities of milk. It’s illegal in Canada since studies found that it causes diseases, like udder infections, and can lead to infertility, even death.

But BGH isn’t banned in the US. Many US farmers inject their cows with it. And with NAFTA 2.0 coming into effect, way more US milk will be hitting Canadian grocery shelves — unlabelled, meaning you won’t be able to tell whether or not your milk contains this illegal growth hormone.

Don’t you want to know whether the milk that you and your family drink contains illegal growth hormones that make cows sick?

Sign the petition calling on the federal government to apply mandatory labelling of all dairy products, so you get the information you need to support Canadian, hormone-free milk.

Farmers have been lobbying for this for years, and with more milk about to cross the border under NAFTA, the media is paying attention. The only thing missing are the voices of everyday people demanding action now.

Sign now before milk from sick cows starts pouring over the border.



To the government of Canada

Enforce mandatory labeling for all dairy products sold in Canada, so I know if my milk contains illegal bovine growth hormones.

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