Tell Loblaw CEO Per Bank: rescind receipt check scanners

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As Loblaws continue to rake in record profits, their latest “innovation”: receipt check scanners.

New scanners preventing shoppers from exiting unless they scan a receipt, are creating confusion, bottlenecks, and a unjustified sense of embarrassment for Loblaws customers.

Loblaw executives have more than doubled their profits since the pandemic – while increasing grocery prices by 22.5% since 2020. Instead of increasing surveillance on customers, Loblaws executives are the ones who deserve to be in the hot seat.

CEOs don’t often hear from the general public. And Loblaw CEO, Per Bank is still new in the role and trying explicitly to avoid being in the public eye. But if thousands of us flood his inbox, we can turn the pressure up to repeal the receipt check policy and send a message that Canadians expect Loblaw to deliver on a greater priority: affordable food prices.

Will you send your message right now to the CEO of Loblaw, Per Bank, demanding they remove their receipt check scanners?

Loblaw CEO: Per Bank

Rescind unlawful receipt check policy

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