Prime Minister Trudeau and Cabinet: Protect the treaty rights of the Mi'kmaq

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Update: On Sunday, December 13th, reports from Indigenous leaders on the ground indicate that after stealing Mi'kmaw lobster traps, three white fishers fired a rifle at a Mi'kmaw fisher.1 The situation is escalating, yet the federal government has neglected to take concrete action to protect the Mi'kmaq. Send a message now calling on the federal government to urgently take action to protect Mi'kmaw fishers from escalating racial violence. 

On Saturday, October 17th, the lobster pound used by Mi'kmaw fisherman - the same one targeted by non-Indigenous fisherman in racist attacks - was burned down. Send a message now calling on the federal government to urgently take action to protect Mi'kmaq treaty rights.2 

Indigenous-owned vehicles torched, food destroyed, and Mi'kmaw fishers forced to barricade themselves indoors to escape violent mobs hurling rocks and racist insults.3

These are just some of the shocking hate crimes committed in Nova Scotia on Tuesday night, while the RCMP watched.4

The Mi'kmaw people's right to fish is protected by the Peace and Friendship Treaties and upheld by a Supreme Court decision. But so far, the federal government has avoided defining and protecting these treaty rights — leading to unrest and racial violence.5

The Mi'kmaq are calling on the federal government to urgently step in before the situation escalates further and someone is seriously injured or killed.

While this story is dominating the news, the federal government is vulnerable to public pressure.6  If we flood their inboxes with tens of thousands of messages calling on them to protect the treaty rights of the Mi'kmaq, we could convince them to intervene and put a stop to the violent and, unlawful attacks on Indigenous fishers.  

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