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A damning report from Ontario’s Auditor General confirms what we’ve long suspected. A few chosen developers received “preferential treatment” to hand-pick 92% of the land that Doug Ford’s government removed from the Greenbelt.1 Now, those developers stand to make $8 billion from that land.2

Doug Ford’s plan to strip 7400 acres from the Greenbelt hurts everyone except these wealthy developers. Developing former Greenbelt land will destroy essential farmland, habitats, and natural areas, threaten 29 at-risk species, and drain public resources for what will be unsustainable and unaffordable housing.3,4,5

This explosive report is all over the headlines right now. If we can get enough Conservative MPPs to recognize how much damage this news is doing to the reputation of their party, it could get them to speak up — and pressure Doug Ford to backtrack on his plans. Will you tell your MPP to call for reversing the changes to Greenbelt boundaries?

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