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Prime Minister Trudeau is waffling.

Last Tuesday, Prime Minister Trudeau said that companies that use tax havens to avoid paying their fair share in tax wouldn’t receive COVID19 relief — but refused to confirm when asked about it the very next day.1,2

Shady corporate tax dodgers rob our schools and hospitals of the funding they need -- upwards of $25 billion every year3. If Prime Minister Trudeau backtracks, these billionaire tax dodgers will receive millions more in public money. It’s preposterous.

We don’t know why Prime Minister Trudeau waffled -- but you can imagine corporate lobbyists had his staffers on the phone and are pressuring him to go back on his word.

But if enough of us speak up, together we can make sure Prime Minister Trudeau keeps his word. Will you tell Prime Minister Trudeau to confirm his commitment that tax dodging corporations won’t get economic relief?

Prime Minister Trudeau

Corporations that dodge paying their fair share in taxes shouldn’t receive public money in relief aid.

The financial toll of COVID19 is already significant. We can’t expect Canadians to bear the brunt of the cost while corporations collect federal funding without contributing to our nation’s recovery.

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