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Every day new allegations are breaking of a conspiracy at the highest levels of Canada’s government, directly implicating Prime Minister Harper himself and his top officials in a scheme to cover-up the senate expense scandal. 1 2

After personally appointing these top Conservative Party fundraisers to the Senate, Prime Minister Harper and key leaders in his government are now trying to place all of the blame on Senators Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy, and thereby escape accountability for their own actions. 3

The best way to make sure that the full truth comes to light is for the RCMP to conduct a full investigation that goes right to the top, including the Prime Minister and his key officials, with public reports, followed by criminal charges wherever warranted.

The RCMP are facing enormous back-room political pressure. They have a duty to respond to complaints from citizens, yet time and again, we’ve seen that ever greater numbers of public complaints are necessary before the RCMP will fully investigate sensitive political matters.

This is a moment where we can have a big impact, but only if we speak out together now, before media attention fades.

Please send a message right now to the RCMP, calling on them to expand their investigation to include Prime Minister Harper and key PMO and Conservative Party officials, and to make sure Mr Harper is compelled to testify under oath about his personal role in this alleged cover-up.


Prime Minister Harper’s government was first elected amidst promises to clean up Ottawa. Now, it looks like they are trying to sweep this scandal under the rug.

The key question is: what are they trying to cover up? Senator Duffy was a key fundraiser for the Conservative Party of Canada, and it looks like the dirty secret is that he may have been paying himself public money while giving partisan speeches to fill his party’s warchest.

The RCMP are already investigating Senators Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy. 4 Now, with the new revelations this week, it’s time for them to expand the investigation to include Prime Minister Harper and his top officials.

Ultimately, this is about much more than just a few senators’ expenses; this is about the potential cover-up of the widespread abuse of public money to pay for partisan events.

Send your message now so we can learn the full truth and hold these politicians accountable.


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