Tell PM Trudeau: Canada’s public assets are not for sale.

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Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition telling PM Trudeau that Canada’s public assets are not for sale. While the campaign isn’t over, we’re waiting for new opportunities and will respond when they arise. If you haven’t already done so and want to keep updated with the campaign, sign the petition.


The federal government is considering selling off major public assets – our highways, rail lines, and ports – to pay for their promised infrastructure projects.[1]

We’ve tried this before and we know it doesn’t work. Privatizing the 407 highway, selling Hydro One in Ontario, and selling off valuable public lands in British Columbia have eliminated sources of revenue for the government, while enriching private investors and leaving the public on the hook for financial losses.

The new government is floating a “trial balloon.” They want to know if we’re okay with selling off public assets to pay for public infrastructure. If enough of us raise the alarm, they’ll know we won’t accept the wealthy few profiting from our public services. Tell PM Trudeau: Canada’s public assets are not for sale.

A line tucked to last month’s federal budget mentions “asset recycling,” which is just another word for selling off our public goods to an unregulated private-sector. There are plenty of other ways to generate revenue – closing tax loopholes, cracking down on offshore tax dodging- and at a time when the Liberals are boldly running a deficit to pay for public infrastructure, this isn’t a responsible way to close the gap.

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[1] Liberals may sell off public assets to help bankroll infrastructure:


[2] Highway 407 debacle looms over Hydro One sell-off:
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