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Urgent: next week, Doug Ford is holding an emergency meeting with his newly appointed cabinet, where they could officially scrap Ontario’s fact-based sex ed curriculum. [1]
If they successfully scrap it, kids won’t learn acceptance, consent or how to make safe choices about their bodies -- things we all wish we had growing up.
But together, we can throw a wrench in their plans. All along Ford’s been saying he wants to scrap the sex ed curriculum because parents are against it — which means you, as a parent, have one of the most important voices in this campaign
If parents start bombarding the new Education Minister’s inbox with messages in support of the curriculum, this flood of opposition could catch her off guard on her first week of work, and make her think twice about scrapping sex ed at the cabinet’s emergency session next week.
Send a message to the new Education Minister demanding she blocks the repeal of Ontario’s sex ed curriculum, before the emergency session next week.

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