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It’s been a bad week for Rebel Media, a Canadian website that promotes xenophobia and Islamophobia, and which broadcast sympathetic coverage of the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

Thousands of Leadnow members signed a petition that helped pressure Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to join a chorus of high-profile conservative politicians speaking out against the hateful website. Now, The Rebel’s top contributors are jumping ship, and former employees are hurling accusations of financial mismanagement. [1]

For years, the Rebel has been peddling in hate, division and fear, funded by a far-right supporter base that donates regularly. If we want to stop them for good, we have to cut off their funding.  

Rebel Media uses PayPal to process donations. Paypal’s Acceptable Use Policy clearly states that users cannot use the platform to for transactions related to “the promotion of hate, violence, racial intolerance.”[2] PayPal has already begun cracking down on websites that peddle in white supremacy and anti-Semitism.[3]  A flood of messages could also convince PayPal to stop processing donations for Rebel Media, dealing a blow that the hateful website might never recover from.

Will you send a message urging PayPal to drop Rebel Media?

In the wake of Charlottesville, PayPal has begun cracking down on white supremacist websites because these groups are clearly breaking the company’s acceptable use policy. Given that Rebel Media operatives have praised neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, warned of “white genocide” and openly advocated for a “new crusade” against Islam, it seems pretty clear that they are also breaking PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. [4]

After Charlottesville, we all have to do our part to stop white supremacy and racism in its tracks. One way to stop the growth of the extreme right in Canada is to marginalize the websites giving oxygen to these hate groups. We can make it more difficult for The Rebel to operate and survive in Canada if we cut off one of their main ways of processing donations. 

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