Stop stripping former refugees of their permanent status!

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The Canadian government is booting permanent residents out of the country. Yes, you read that right. Because of a discriminatory law passed by the Harper Conservatives, refugees granted permanent residency in Canada can be stripped of their status and removed from the country if they ever set foot in the homelands they fled.

Refugees who become immigrants should be treated like any other immigrant who comes to Canada: they should feel safe and secure with their permanent status. Immigration lawyers, judges, and even Federal Court Justices agree: this current practice is shockingly discriminatory. It has Harper written all over it - and we have a plan to stop it.

The Trudeau Liberals are already under fire from progressives because of their flawed refugee policy, and they’re desperate to save face. This law is so unreasonable, it’s virtual low hanging fruit. If enough of us come together to speak up, we can pressure the Trudeau Liberals to undo Harper’s disgusting law so no other permanent resident has to fear being stripped of their status and booted out of the country.

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To the Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship:

Change the law to stop stripping former refugees of their permanent residency and booting them out of the country. It's a discriminatory practice that has no place in Canada.

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