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The Liberals just announced they will make pharmacare a priority, so Canadians won’t have to choose between feeding our families or buying the medicine we need to stay healthy. [1]  But Big Pharma, made up of giants like Pfizer and Merck, is sure to snap into action to use this as an opportunity to get a plan that prioritizes their profits over one that benefits all of us.

And they act fast. Less than a day after the budget dropped, Finance Minister Morneau walked back on pharmacare promises, talking instead about a patchwork plan that will leave people out. [2] 

This is dangerous - and nurses and health care experts are already raising the alarm. [3] But if we want to stop Big Pharma from sabotaging universal pharmacare, it will take thousands of us showing our support for a program that benefits everyday people, not corporations. 

Will you sign the letter to Dr. Eric Hoskins, head of the national advisory council on pharmacare, in support of a universal pharmacare program that Canadians urgently need?

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I support universal pharmacare, not a patchwork approach that leaves some of us behind while increasing the profits of Big Pharma.

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