Canada’s conflict of interest laws: a recipe for corruption

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There's something rotten on Parliament Hill. Stories about  Liberal and Conservative Cabinet Ministers exploiting their positions of power are coming in thick and fast. Finance Minister Morneau may be the face of the scandal – but the problem runs far deeper than one man’s actions.  

Our conflict of interest laws are broken. Politicians are allowed to own multi-million dollar businesses that stand to make enormous profits off the policies they’re in charge of.

Unbelieveable, right?

It's a recipe for legal corruption: political decisions can be made to boost Ministers’ bank balances, while everyday people continue to lose out.

But with these scandals making headlines, we’ve got the perfect opportunity to call for a complete overhaul of Canada’s broken conflict of interest laws – and make sure our elected leaders are genuinely representing the best interests of their constituents.

The Liberals are desperate to sweep this issue under the rug, knowing full-well they’re vulnerable to being seen as corrupt elites. That’s why if thousands of us make noise with a massive petition calling on them to fix the system, they’ll have no choice but to answer our calls.

Sign petition to get profits out of politics – before this story disappears.

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Our conflict of interest laws are broken. I'm calling on you to strengthen Canada's conflict-of-interest laws so that we get profits out of politics.

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