Postmedia: tell the truth about climate change and hold big oil and politicians accountable

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The media plays an essential role in keeping our democracy strong. When the media does its job well, it can help the public understand complex issues, and hold decision-makers accountable. But right now, Canada’s largest media outlets are failing us on climate.

Postmedia is one of Canada’s largest media conglomerates. It owns 15 of Canada’s 22 daily newspapers. [1] And their board is stacked with strong allies to Big oil, meaning they have a vested interest in sowing support for fossil fuel expansion and climate skepticism. [2] [3]

The media plays such a crucial role in our society— and we want to see them live up to it. That’s why we’re stepping up to demand that Postmedia report on climate change like the crisis it is. If you agree, add your name to the open letter.

Here is the open letter:

Dear Postmedia,

We are in a climate emergency. Every year, climate-induced disasters increase in frequency and severity all around the world — and Canada is no exception. Climate change is impacting our lives and livelihoods every day. But your headlines don’t seem to reflect the urgency of the crisis.

As the owner of 37.6% of Canadian paid daily newspapers, you have a responsibility to tell the truth about the big issues people are facing and hold politicians accountable. We hope that you’re able to live up to this duty and reflect the urgency of the climate crisis in your reporting.

The media has a role to play in messaging solutions on the big issues — like climate change. We’re calling on you to deliver on this.
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