Tell Freeland: stand your ground on predatory lending

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Lobbyists are flooding Freeland’s office right now, attempting to overturn hard-won regulations to allow them to continue to exploit vulnerable Canadians.

Money lenders such as “Cash 4 U” and “Money Mart” are exploiting low-income Canadians struggling with the cost-of-living crisis – offering loans to those who can’t qualify at traditional banks and charging sky-high interest rates that keep low-income Canadians in cycles of debt.

According to political intel from allies, Finance Minister Freeland's office is alarmed by the lobbying pressure and there is a risk that the government could delay or water down their commitment to take on predatory interest rates.

Can you send your message right now, demanding the Liberals stand their ground and take on lenders preying on vulnerable Canadians?

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland

Pass regulations to tackle predatory lending

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