Minister Champagne, Lametti and Mendicino: modernized privacy legislation to protect people in Canada.

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For the last 10 years, the RCMP have been using spyware on hundreds of people  to access encrypted digital content and remotely turn on cameras and microphones — all without the person's knowledge. [1] This is a gross violation of people's privacy in Canada.

They've been so secretive about it that even Canada's former Privacy Commissioner, Daniel Therrien, didn’t know about the RCMP's use of spyware. [2] 

Without modernizing legislation to protect people's privacy in Canada, the RCMP's violation of people's right to privacy will continue to run unchecked. But that’s just one example of the consequences of having weak and outdated privacy laws.

In the wake of this news, a powerful group of MPs have launched an investigation, and experts are ringing alarm bells about spyware use in Canada. [3] They're calling on the government to strengthen our privacy laws to account for new and emerging technologies. [4] All that's missing is people power: if thousands of us turn up the heat on key ministers, the pressure from all angles could help convince them to follow expert advice and create better privacy laws to protect all of us.  

If you agree, will you sign this petition calling on the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Minister of Justice and Minister of Public Safety to take action?

Minister Champagne, Mendicinio and Lametti

Modernize privacy laws in Canada

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