Pierre Poilievre: Add queer and trans rights to the CPC Constitution

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It’s a scary time for queer and trans people in Canada. Moments of anti-queer and trans aggression have been continuously present in the news. [1,2] Conservative leaders Danielle Smith and Pierre Poilievre came under fire for posing with an anti-queer and trans activist

Their response? Non-apologies, blanket statements claiming that support for this hate messaging “obviously” didn’t align with their values. [5] This is they try to have it both ways, to avoid alienating moderate swing voters, while winking to their base.

Let's show Pierre Poilievre and any Conservative party member looking to sweep hate under the rug, that we won’t stand for their empty words or playing both sides for political gain. Sign the petition now to ask Conservatives to take a stand – show them we won’t take lip service when it comes to the lives and safety of the queer and trans community.

To: Pierre Poilievre

You have said you do not support messaging from anti-queer and anti-trans groups. It is time for your party to do more than pay lip-service to the queer and trans community.

We’re calling on you to: amend section 2 of the Conservative Party of Canada’s Constitution principles. Specifically to add "2.1.23 We stand for the full rights and equality of queer and trans individuals, fostering an inclusive society that celebrates diversity."

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Thank you for taking action for the queer and trans community!

Thank you for signing the petition calling on Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative Party of Canada to recognize queer and trans rights in the Conservative Party constitution. Our voices are stronger when we work together.

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