Register for corporate ISDS tribunal taking place in Toronto

There’s a toxic ISDS lawsuit taking place in a corporate tribunal in downtown Toronto. It’s happening now and open to the public.

Lone Pine Resources is an energy company that wants to frack in Quebec. They’re suing Canada under toxic ISDS rules in NAFTA for $118 million because Quebec put a temporary ban on fracking out of fear of environmental damage.1

It’s the perfect example of how ISDS hijacks our democracy and puts corporate profits ahead of our environment.

Unlike every other case we’ve heard of, they’re letting the public “attend” the hearings — but as usual no-one knows it’s happening. With NAFTA negotiations underway and ISDS becoming a major political flashpoint, we need to bring as much attention as possible to the dangers of ISDS if we’re going to get it scrapped from the deal.

We’ve got a plan to blow the whistle on this toxic ISDS case and make sure media’s reporting on it  — and we could use a few extra hands to pull it off.

We’ll be out front of the building where the case is happening at 10:00 am on Tuesday October 10th to do some fun, high-visibility stunts before we go in together to watch the proceedings.

Can you join us to help hold up a giant hard-hitting sign? We'll need about 10 people to help hold it up.

Leadnow high-visibility action
Tuesday, October 10
Meet outside 333 Bay Street
10 am
If you haven't already RSVP'd to the action, do so by clicking here.

The public is able to go inside to watch the case, but you’ll have to register in advance. All you have to do to register is send in your name and email address, and we’ve made it super simple by setting up this registration page. Just enter your details on the right, and include your name and email in the email box

If you can’t make it Tuesday at 10:00am you are welcome to register to go watch the case proceedings another day. It's scheduled to run from October 2 to October 13th. Once registered you can go in and out as you please.

General information on the Lone Pine vs Canada lawsuit:
October 2nd - October 13th
9:30am to 5pm
333 Bay Street
9th floor - Suite 900, “arbitration place”
[For more info on the hearings, click here]


Register to attend ISDS tribunal

Use this simple tool to register to attend the ISDS tribunal hearings on Lone Pine vs Canada, where 3 corporate lawyers will be deciding whether an oil company's "right" to frack is more important than our democracy. Make sure your name and email are included in the email you send below. See you there!

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