Respect workers’ rights: drop the appeal of Bill 124

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Doug Ford's wage-suppressing Bill 124 is an attack on workers’ rights in Ontario. Since it passed three years ago, it has capped the wages of over a million public sector workers, including nurses, teachers, care workers, and public servants.1 By restricting their ability to negotiate wage increases, Bill 124 also holds these workers back from bargaining for better working conditions in new contracts.2

70% of Ontarians are against Bill 124.3 We know this is wrong, and so do the courts. The Superior Court of Ontario recently ruled Bill 124 unconstitutional, declaring it “to be void and of no effect.”4 Now, we need to keep it that way. Ford won’t respect the court’s decision – he intends to appeal, effectively taking public sector workers back to court over their right to negotiate fair pay.5

Ontario’s workers deserve respect and dignity. Ford has a thirty day window to file an appeal — an influx of messages before the deadline, demanding that he drop the appeal and respect workers’ rights could push the government to move on from Bill 124. Will you take a minute to send a message to Doug Ford?

We've pre-drafted a message for you to send to Premier Ford. But your email will be even more powerful if you add your own message. If you or someone you know is a public sector worker impacted by Bill 124, your story could go a long way. Send a message now.

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