RSVP: CBC Petition Delivery

The push to get CBC to host a Federal Leaders’ Climate Debate is about to heat up.  

We have thousands of signatures urging CBC to host a climate debate, and this Friday, we’re hand-delivering each and every one of these signatures to CBC’s headquarters in downtown Toronto.

CBC aren’t used to being the ones in the spotlight, but if a massive crowd of us come knocking on their door, flanked by the media -- it’ll be sure to get their attention.

But we can’t do it without you. Can you make it on Friday afternoon?

When: Friday August 9, 12 pm ET
Where: 250 Front Street West (downtown Toronto)
What: Petition delivery, chants, songs, noisemaking
Who: You, your friends, family, pets - all are welcome!  

Boxes upon boxes of petitions signed by their viewers -- delivered right to their doorstep. It’ll make it impossible for CBC to ignore us. But we need to make this rally as big as possible to really catch their attention. Will you come to CBC HQ this Friday at 12 pm?

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Thank you for taking action!

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