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Experts have been sounding the alarm about for a long time: from stressed-out staff to a severe lack of medical equipment, our long term care system is broken — and it’s left our parents, grandparents and elderly relatives at great risk of getting sick from COVID-19.1

But while staff are underpaid and overworked, the private companies that own nursing homes are still paying out big to their shareholders — they’re lining their pockets while our seniors suffer.2

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can implement a national standard that ensures care homes are properly funded, we can ensure staff have the equipment needed to do their jobs, and we can bring all care homes back into public ownership so that our seniors are given the level of care they deserve.

Will you sign the petition calling on your premier and Prime Minister Trudeau to create a national standard for care homes and bring them back into public hands, so that the needless loss of lives never happens again?

Prime Minister Trudeau and Premiers,

We demand the best in care for our seniors in long-term care homes now.

We ask that you:
- Ensure all LTC workers have the support, tools and personal protective equipment they need to safely provide care.
- Shore up the standards, principles and funding governing long term homes so seniors get the care they need and this never happens again.
- Bring all LTC homes back into public ownership.

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