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The long-term survival of Ontario's Algonquin Wolves is under threat because the provincial government stripped back their endangered species protections.1

The Algonquin Wolf is classified as a threatened species. Instead of outright banning the hunting of Algonquin Wolves – as the Endangered Species Act requires – the government only banned hunting in a few areas.2

The results have been devastating, with just 250 of these precious wolves left.3 With their long-term survival held in the balance, we need urgent action to protect them now.

This is where you come in. Ontario’s environment commissioner just released a scathing report recommending the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry act immediately to ban Algonquin wolf hunting and trapping in all areas where they live and roam — not just a few small areas.4

If enough of us come together to create a huge public outcry, we may just be able to force the Ontario Government to act on the commissioner’s recommendations and save the Algonquin wolf from sure extinction.

Sign the petition calling on Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to ban hunting in all the areas where the Algonquin wolf is found.

Dear Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Ontario

With just 250 adult Algonquin wolves left in the world, we need urgent action to ensure their long-term survival.

Give these wolves full protection under the Endangered Species Act, and ban all hunting and trapping throughout their full range in Ontario.

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