Tell the Senate: we need basic income now.

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A basic, guaranteed liveable income is making its way to the Senate floor.

If the skyrocketing inflation of the last two years has shown us anything, it’s that our society doesn’t provide for everyone. Canada's wealth has soared exponentially – even as we've let inequality grow.1

But everyone deserves to live a decent life – to put food on the table and have a safe place to call home. That’s what a guaranteed, livable basic income – a regular, no-strings payment to everyone in Canada who needed it – could help provide. And create jobs and grow our economy at the same time.2

And with basic income now up for consideration in the Senate, this is our chance to realize our shared vision of a future where everyone has enough. But to have impact, we need to make our message impossible to ignore.

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Canadian Senate:

Pass Bill S-233 - a bill for a guaranteed livable basic income.

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