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Billionaire oil companies are trying to sabotage a plan to restore proper environmental reviews for new pipelines, tarsands mines and other industrial projects. 1

Since Harper gutted our environmental laws in 2012, Canada’s environmental review process has been a joke. Earlier this year, our MPs passed Bill C-69, a common-sense bill to restore basic integrity to our environmental review process. 2, 3, 4

But now the bill needs to pass the Senate, and an army of oil lobbyists are swarming Ottawa, trying to convince Senators to vote down the bill. 5

The bill could go to a vote any day now, and if Senators are only hearing from the cashed-up oil lobbyists, they might vote against it. A flood of emails from everyday people who support strong, common-sense environmental laws could be our best shot at convincing Senators to pass the bill.

So what do you say - will you send a message to Senators urging them to pass Bill C-69 as soon as possible?
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