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The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) is the biggest oil lobby group in Canada —and they are the single biggest barrier to implementing climate action policies that could help us meet Canada’s goals.1

But we've got a plan to take down CAPP, by going after their power and money. Right now, Big Oil members of CAPP are calling on them to clean up their act or risk losing the critical funding CAPP needs to survive.2

One of those members is multinational oil giant Shell — and they’re working hard to rebrand as a climate leader. If that’s even remotely true, they need to stop funding CAPP — the biggest barrier to climate action in Canada.

If thousands of us shine a light on Shell’s double standards with a massive petition — seen by Shell executives, customers and shareholders — we could convince them to drop out of CAPP. 

Will you sign the petition now? 

* This campaign is a joint effort between Leadnow and Environmental Defence Canada, and represents the total number of petition signatures from both organizations.

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The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) undermines your climate policy to move toward low-carbon energy, and consistently blocks legislation and implementation of climate policies. Please cancel your membership with CAPP now.

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If we want to get Shell's attention we need to make this campaign massive. Will you chip in to supercharge the campaign urging Shell to cancel their membership with CAPP?