Site C is an economic fiasco

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BREAKING: Independent researchers from UBC just released a report exposing the Site C dam as an economic fiasco that could cost taxpayers as much as $2.5 billion in losses – and that’s on top of the $9 billion project cost.

BC won't need more power until at least 2034, which is why BC Hydro is already planning to export energy to Alberta. But every single kilowatt produced by Site C will cost more than we can sell it for. Luckily, the report shows that Site C is not past the “point of no return” and if we suspend Site C right now we can still save as much as $780 million.

With early construction work already underway, we need to act fast – every second means more of our tax dollars going to waste on this economic fiasco.

With an election on the horizon, Premier Christy Clark can’t afford more public backlash – so if she’s suddenly flooded with messages she’ll have to act. Tell Premier Christy Clark to put an immediate stop to construction today, until a full economic study is completed. 

[1] Site C dam project has become 'uneconomic' and should be suspended: UBC report.

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