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The Conservatives have been holding back pivotal legislation that would see the first necessary steps towards a sustainable future for Canadians.

The Sustainable Jobs Act (SJA) passed second reading in the House of Commons last October. Since then the Conservatives have done everything in their power to keep it from moving forward – going so far as to filibuster for 27.5 hrs, and raising 20,000 amendments to a bill that is only 18 pages long.1 The bill is currently off the reading paper, tangled in red tape, with no sign from the Liberals of prioritizing it’s passing.

The Conservatives think they can bully their way to burying the SJA and destroying hope for movement towards a sustainable future for Canadians. But we won’t let the bullies win.

If thousands of us email their MPs demanding that they bring back the Sustainable Jobs Act and vote to pass it, we may be able to make it a reality.

Will you email your Liberal MP now asking that they pass the Sustainable Jobs Act now?

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