Defend the air, land, and water: stay strong on Bill 66!

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Yesterday, Conservative Cabinet Minister Steve Clark made a stunning announcement: the government will be removing the worst parts of their bombshell legislation, Bill 66: the environmental rollbacks that put our land, water, and air at risk.

This is huge. It’s an incredible win for our movement, and proves that when people come together to fight for what they believe in, we can win -- even against a Premier who wants total control. 

But Doug Ford doesn’t like to back down. And the cashed-up developers who stood to profit will no doubt be calling up their high-powered lobbyists to try and reverse this decision. 

The Minister in charge of Section 10 -- Steve Clark -- made the right call in listening to the tens of thousands who had serious concerns about its environmental impacts. Now we need to make sure this Minister stands strong over the next few weeks and doesn’t back down.

Will you send Minister Cark a quick message thanking him for listening to your feedback, and asking him to stay strong in keeping Section 10 out of Bill 66?

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Send a message to cabinet Minister Steve Clark to thank him for listening to feedback on Bill 66, and to ask him to stay strong in keeping Section 10 out of the Bill.

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