I stand behind BC's actions to defend the coast

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Premier John Horgan’s BC government is facing massive backlash for taking a courageous stand to defend BC waters from tarsands pipelines and tankers.

Now, billionaire oil barons and the premier of Alberta are asking Trudeau to strongarm the Horgan government into backing down on Kinder Morgan.1,2

If Trudeau thinks we’ll let Ottawa politicians steamroll over our elected provincial government to force a Texas company’s risky project through he’s underestimating how far the people of BC will go to defend the place we call home.

A massive petition signed by thousands of BC residents could show Trudeau that we won’t be bullied into accepting Kinder Morgan’s toxic pipeline. But Trudeau’s staff are in meetings right now to decide how to deal with this situation so we need to act fast.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau

I stand behind the Horgan government's actions to defend our interests in the face of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. I will not be bullied.

Please stop meddling with British Columbia’s decisions about our province.

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