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UPDATE (Feburary 10, 2017)

After thousands of you sent messages to the government last fall, we successfully stopped the CETA fast-track. But now we're hearing that the final vote on CETA could happen any minute.

Hundreds of you chipped in to get a hardhitting full-page ad in the Hill Time, the Ottawa newspaper MPs read before they head to Parliament. Let's keep up the pressure!

Send an urgent message to your MP, asking them to vote NO on CETA.

URGENT: the government is breaking democratic rules to ram a massive 1,700 page trade and investor-rights agreement through Parliament.[1]

The Canadia-EU trade agreement (CETA) is 1700 pages of dense legal text. Normally, our MPs get 21 days and a detailed report weighing the pros and cons of a deal. But our government is breaking its rules by fast-tracking CETA and forcing MPs to vote on CETA tomorrow without the information, time or democratic checks and balances they need to make an informed vote.[2]

CETA is costly, risky and controversial: it will increase drug costs by $1.65 billion a year, cost us good jobs, and give multinational corporations the right to sue the Canadian government for billions in private tribunals if our laws affect their profits.[3-5]

If CETA’s a good deal, then why break the rules to ram it through? This looks alarmingly like Harper-era tactics. The Liberals were elected on a promise to restore transparency and fairness to Parliament - and that means they will be sensitive to hearing a major public outcry from people like you.

If we flood Trade Minister Freeland’s inboxes with thousands of messages today, then we can show the government they can’t get away with quietly bulldozing toxic trade deals through Parliament.

With 24 hours before the vote, we have to act fast.  Tell Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland to stop trying to fast-track CETA by filling in your details here ---------> 

[1] NDP MP says Liberals broke rules in tabling CETA 
[2] Liberals dodge democracy in trying to ram CETA through House
[3] Ottawa didn’t study how much more we’ll pay for drugs under CETA
[4] CETA will result in job losses and lower wages
[5] CETA will undermine Canadian democracy and Investor court in CETA does not fix problems with investor-state dispute settlement
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