Big oil is suing Canada for $250 million

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Lone Pine Resources Inc. is suing Canada for $250 million, over a fracking moratorium put in place to protect the St. Lawrence river. [1-2]

What’s worse, it’s happening outside the Canadian legal system. Lone Pine launched the lawsuit using NAFTA’s extreme “investor state dispute settlement” (ISDS) system, which allows billionaire corporations to sue Canada in secret corporate courts. [3]

Corporations have already used ISDS rules to pillage millions from the public purse -- and it has to stop. [4]

Right now, the Trudeau government is renegotiating NAFTA -- and they could put an end to these outrageous corporate lawsuits. But billionaire corporations are fighting hard to protect the ISDS system, and we need to make our voices louder if we’re going to stop it. [5]

Will you send a message calling on the NAFTA negotiating team to put an end to the ISDS rules that allow billionaire corporations like Lone Pine Resources to sue Canada?

The Lone Pine lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg. Because of ISDS rules in NAFTA, Canada is the most sued country in the Global North, and is currently facing over $2.6 billion in ISDS lawsuits. [6]

Billionaire CEOs, the Chamber of Commerce, and an army of corporate lobbyists are desperate to entrench ISDS in a re-negotiated NAFTA because ISDS. [7]

But together we can push back. The Department of Foreign Affairs has set up a special inbox to collect public input on NAFTA as negotiatons continue.  If we flood the inbox with demands to remove ISDS, decision-makers will feel the heat and know there will be a real political cost to keeping ISDS in NAFTA.

One of us sending a message might not make a difference, but if tens of thousands of us write in calling on Canada to stand up for democracy and get ISDS out of NAFTA, our messages become a giant public megaphone — and it cannot be ignored.
Will you send  a message now?

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[6] see 3-4 above
[7] see 5 above


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