CRTC: Stop Rogers and Bell’s unethical sales tactics

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A scathing exposé from the CBC just revealed that giant telecom corporations like Rogers and Bell have policies designed to make their employees manipulate, and even outright lie to customers, so they can make more money. [1]
But thankfully, we have a chance to stop them. The CRTC, the independent body that regulates Canadian telecoms, is asking the public what they think of these shady sales practices. [2]
If thousands of us sign this petition before we hand it in to the CRTC next week, we can make sure they stand up for everyday people’s rights - and put an end to the corporate policies that promote dishonest sales tactics

We only have six days before the CRTC’s public hearing, and we need to make this petition as big as possible. Will you add your name now to demand the CRTC end these unethical sales practices?


Put an end telecoms’ policies that lead to dishonest and unethical sales practices

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