The largest tar sands mine you've never heard of

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Right now, the largest-ever open pit tar sands mine is quietly making its way through a government review -- and we have just days to raise the alarm.

The $20-billion Teck Frontier Mine would rip up huge swaths of pristine boreal forest in Northern Alberta, destroying critical habitat for caribou and bison herds that are already teetering close to extinction. [1]

As if that’s not bad enough, it would also violate the rights of local First Nations, unleash a flood of global warming pollution, and pollute sensitive watersheds that flow into Canada’s largest World Heritage Park. [2-3]

If you’ve never heard of the mine, you’re not alone. Teck Resources -- the mining giant behind the project -- is keeping a low profile, hoping they can sneak their filthy mine through the review process before the public learns how dangerous it is. 

We can’t let the largest-ever tar sands mine fly under the radar. A flood of messages to the government review panel will signal our opposition - and send the message that a growing number of people don't want more tar sands destruction.

The deadline for public comments is this Thursday, July 20th, so we need to move fast. Will you send your message right now?

Here’s what Teck Resources is hoping you don’t find out about their massive tar sands mine. 

  • It’s dirty: The mine would industrialize sensitive habitat for endangered caribou and bison herds, and it could leak toxic chemicals into sensitive watersheds that flow into the Wood Buffalo Park World Heritage Site. It would also unleash a flood of global warming pollution that would blow through Alberta’s cap on tar sands emissions. [4]
  • It violates Indigenous rights: The Athabasca Chipewyan and Mikisew Cree First Nations both oppose the mine. It’s proposed for an area so sensitive and important that the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation declared it off limits to industrial development. [5]
  • It’s directly linked to the Kinder Morgan pipeline: Teck Resources has signed contracts to ship oil through Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. Pipelines like Trans Mountain are only needed if new tar sands projects are built. If we kill the Teck Frontier Mine, it will erode Kinder Morgan’s business case, and help kill the pipeline. [6]

Teck Resources is trying to sneak this massive project under the radar, but together, we can thwart their plans. Flooding the review panel with messages of opposition is the first step to stopping the largest-ever tar sands mine. Will you send your letter before the Thursday deadline?


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[2] Mikisew First Nation takes Wood Buffalo concerns to UNESCO (Globe and Mail).

[3] Trudeau government could approve 277,000 barrel per day open-pit Frontier tar sands mine in Alberta (Council of Canadians).

[4-5] See 1-2 above

[6] Kinder Morgan reveals updated list of Trans Mountain shippers (Globe and Mail).

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