Stop Trump's inhumane "zero tolerance" migrant policy

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US President Donald Trump is ripping children, including babies as young as 18 months old, from their parents and locking them in cages indefinitely.  [1]
Right now, 2,000 babies, toddlers, and children are locked in cages by themselves, screaming and crying and no one is even allowed to comfort them.
Canada cannot stand idly by and let this happen. This is one of those moments in history when the world needs to come together. Countries around the world are already pressuring their American ambassadors to tell Trump to stand down and stop hurting innocent refugee families. [2]
We need to do the same.

Will you add your name to tell American ambassador to Canada, Kelly Knight Craft, that Canadians won’t stand for this horrific policy before more children are separated from their parents by the Trump administration?

To: American ambassador to Canada, Kelly Knight Craft

Tell Trump to immediately reverse the inhumane "zero tolerance" migrant policy that's tearing children away from their parents.

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