Stop "incel" hate speech from becoming violence

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Trigger warning: violence and sexism.

On Monday, a Toronto man committed a horrible act of violence that killed ten people. Reports confirm that hours before his violent rampage, he posted on Facebook: “the incel revolution has begun.” [1]
An “Incel” or involuntary celibate refers to a man who is angry because women won’t have sex with him. Angry because they think they deserve women's bodies. So angry, that they engage in hate speech and play out violent fantasies against women in the dark corners of the internet. And encourage real-life violence. [2]
For years, journalists reporting on these hate groups have warned about incels turning their violent fantasies into reality. Even now, after the tragic Toronto van attack, online incel groups continue to threaten acid attacks and mass rapes [3] — and Canada isn’t equipped to stop them.
Canada is the only western country in the world without human rights laws banning cyber hate speech — but with enough pressure applied on lawmakers at this very sensitive moment, together we can change this. Will you sign the petition demanding the Trudeau government introduce human rights laws against cyber hate speech before someone else gets hurt?

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale,

Reintroduce Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, so we can stop online hate speech from becoming real-life hate crimes.

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