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This is outrageous. It looks like Finance Minister Bill Morneau is about to make huge concessions to massive pharmaceutical corporations when he reveals his plans for pharmacare in the federal budget in a few weeks. [1] 

Inside sources have revealed that despite recommendations from the government’s own health committee to make prescription medications free for everyone in Canada - Finance Minister Morneau is backing a model that will continue to benefit Big Pharma, and may mean that thousands of people in Canada still won’t be able to afford life-saving medications. [2][3]

Liberal MPs have said it themselves - failing to deliver on universal pharmacare could cost them the next election. [4] With Morneau choosing to side with corporate lobbyists, we need to remind our MPs of just what’s at stake if they allow him to move forward with his plan, and push them to speak out. 

If thousands of us flood our MP’s inboxes with messages calling on them to speak out against Morneau’s plan, it could be enough to force him to act.But with the budget scheduled to drop in less than a month, decisions about what to include are being made right this minute - we need to move quickly, before Morneau’s plans are set in stone. [5]
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