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After months of foot dragging, the federal government just dropped its long-awaited Sustainable Jobs Act — its proposed law to help workers transition to a sustainable economy. [1]

If written well, the law could usher in the just transition Canada badly needs. But as it’s currently written, the law has holes – lots of them. [2] But there’s a glimmer of hope. For the Sustainable Jobs Act to be passed, MPs need to debate and vote on the bill. And in that process, they can also make changes.

A massive petition, calling on Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, and MPs, to not bow to the interests of oil and gas CEOs — and improve the bill to make it a world-class Sustainable Jobs Act — could show them their climate credibility is at stake with this law. That could help push them back to the drawing board and improve it before it’s too late. Will you sign the petition calling for critical changes to ensure we get a world-class Sustainable Jobs Act?

Environment Minister Wilkinson and MPs:

Amend the Sustainable Jobs Act to usher in the transition to a sustainable economy we all need

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