Make sure Morneau bans tax havens in budget 2018

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On Tuesday, the Liberals will be releasing their budget for the year -- and they’ve got a big decision to make: crackdown on ruthless corporate tax dodging, or keep letting billionaire corporations rob our schools and hospitals of the funding they need?

Together, we can push the Liberals to deliver a budget that prioritizes the needs of everyday Canadians over cashed-up corporations - but it’s going to take all of us.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is still collecting public input on the upcoming 2018 budget.

If we’re going to drown out the chorus of corporate lobbyists pushing to keep their dodgy tax havens intact, we need to flood Morneau’s inbox and send the message loud and clear that we want him to take action. 

We've signed petitions, attended town halls, and chipped in what we can to commission a scientific poll that proves we have everyday Canadians on our side: 87% of the public want to make tax havens illegal.

A last minute explosion of pressure could make sure the Liberals do the right thing, and prioritize healthcare, education, and pensions over bankrolling the high life of Canada’s billionaire corporations.

Will you send Minister Morneau a message to make sure cracking down on tax havens is in his plans for budget 2018?

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