Tell BC Liberals: Stop stalling on UNDRIP!

This could be the first time in Canada’s history that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is enshrined in law, a momentous step in the right direction toward reconciliation.1

The bill has already passed its first and second reading unanimously. But now, in its third and final reading -- the BC Liberals seem intent on killing the bill by filibuster.2

And with the committee sitting about to end on Thursday, they might just get their way: the bill will expire if no decision is made.3

The BC Liberals think that no one is watching their delay tactic closely -- but if thousands of us send a message to BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberal house leader Mary Polak and CC our MLA, the BC Liberals will know that not only are their constituents watching their foul play --- so is everyone else in the BC Legislature. It could be the thing that forces their tail between their legs and makes them follow through on their commitment to pass the bill. Will you send a message now? 

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