Wallonia: Thank you for blocking CETA

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The signing of the toxic trade deal between Canada and the EU (CETA) has been deadlocked for days.[1] The deal was due to be signed today but earlier this week, the parliament of Wallonia, part of Belgium, refused to sign CETA. Instead, they sided with millions of us – across Canada and Europe – a huge, people-powered victory. [2]

It was a big move to stand up for democracy in the face of powerful corporate Goliaths. The Walloons have been blocking CETA because the deal could allow banned chemicals into our food and allow big business to sue our government in tribunals if they think our laws affect their expected profits.[3]

The Walloons are the only parliament in Europe listening to their people. When negotiations resumed early this morning, Wallonia was under HUGE pressure to crack, and reading today’s headlines, you might think they finally gave in.[4] But they didn’t — in fact, they reaffirmed that Belgium won’t ratify CETA as it stands, and made a compromise deal to have the European Court of Justice decide whether it’s legal to have a special court where foreign investors can sue our governments.[5] Wallonia deserves a HUGE show of support from people across Canada.

That’s why we’re partnering up with 38 Degrees, our people-powered sister organization in the UK, to send the Walloons a big message, showing them they’re not alone against CETA. It will help give them the strength they need to hold firm as they face more and more pressure to ratify this toxic deal.

Add your name to the thank you letter to the people of Wallonia.

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