Affordable Vaccines for All: No public money for private medicines

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Labs around the world are racing to launch a COVID-19 vaccine — but there's no guarantee that you or I will get one when it's ready.1

A safe vaccine could be a turning point for the pandemic — but there’s a big problem: there’s no law in Canada that says vaccines developed with public money have to be made publicly available, accessible or affordable.2

If Big Pharma gets their way, we could be left with a broken, two-tier systemwhere the super rich buy up all the vaccines, while frontline workers and low-income communities go without.

But right now, there's unprecedented attention on our public health system. If we blow this up with a massive petition, we can send a loud message to the Liberals that a COVID-19 vaccine and other urgently needed medicines should be available to those who need them most — not the highest bidder. Sign the petition now.

To Prime Minister Trudeau & Health Minister Patty Hadju:

Ensure that any medicine or vaccine developed with public money are affordable, accessible and available to all.

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